Where to see Dorset Dragonflies: A rough guide

Dragonflies spend most of their lives as aquatic larvae and need water in which to breed and so adult dragonflies will be most likely to be seen near to  water bodies. During the summer months look out for dragonflies around rivers, streams, lakes, gravel pits, ponds & heathland bogs.

In Dorset any heathland site with water will contain many different species and good dragonfly rivers include the River Stour, River Allen, River Piddle, Moors River and River Mude.

Below is a list of easily accessible Nature Reserves which are well known for dragonflies with links to the sites themselves, directions & accessibility.

Do you know of any great sites for dragonflies in Dorset?

This is not an exhaustive list but a rough guide and if you know of any great places to see dragonflies, so this can be expanded, please get in touch brown_a_r@yahoo.co.uk

Nature Reserves

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Dorset Wildlife Trust

Upton Heath Nature Reserve           
Troublefield Nature Reserve          
Sopley Common Nature Reserve       
Tadnoll Heath & Winfrith Nature Reserve   
Brownsea Island Nature Reserve       
Higher Hyde Heath Nature Reserve       

RSPB Sites

Radipole Lake           

Christchurch Council

Town Common       
St Catherine’s Hill       
Stanpit Marsh           

Bournemouth Council       

Hengistbury Head              

Natural England NNR Reserves

Hartland Moor       
Morden Bog        
Stoborough Heath
Studland and Godlingston Heath


Southern Hawker (photo © Jane Adams)