The National Dragonfly Atlas

Your help is urgently required!

Would you like to collect information for the new proposed National Dragonfly Atlas?
We especially need your dragonfly sightings from the North & West of Dorset so if you live in this part of Dorset please get in touch!

The National Dragonfly Atlas project

The National Dragonfly Atlas Project was launched in April 2008. The aim of this project is to update the known distribution of British dragonfly and damselfly species over the next 5 years, culminating in the publication of a new national atlas in 2013.

A new national atlas is urgently required. Climate change is contributing to increasingly early spring emergence and change in the range of a number of our species. We are living through a dynamic change in our dragonfly fauna and need to record this information, thereby providing evidence for future assessment of the impact climate change and other environmental factors are having on our dragonfly fauna.

To succeed in this ambitious project good national coverage is needed. The more volunteers that get involved, especially in the traditionally under-recorded areas of Scotland, Ireland and northern England, the more information on the status of our dragonfly and damselfly species can be gathered.

Find more details about this important new project and how you can help by visiting the National Atlas page.

Report your Dorset sightings for the Atlas

To report any dragonflies you have seen you can either email your sightings to or better still use our own Living Record online system

Southern Hawker (photo © Jane Adams)