About us

Welcome to the new Dorset Dragonflies, the website of the Dorset Dragonfly Group. Our simple aim is to encourage as many people as possible to go out into the countryside (or even your garden!) and start looking at these remarkable insects!

Each species has its own page complete with photo guide, detailed descriptions, distribution and status. For those of you new to dragonflies there is a simple identification guide to get you started. There is also a basic site guide detailing places where dragonflies can be easily seen in Dorset, and also a guide as to when each species is on the wing.

BUT... we also need your help! We always need more information about where species are to be found, so anyone can contribute by recording their sightings. This can easily be done through Living Record, an online recording tool, or simply by sending details to the email address below. Remember we always need a grid reference for a record!

We also welcome your photos for our galleries. Photographing dragonflies is a great way to learn more about identification. Even if uncertain of the species, once you have a photo it’s easy to look in detail at the colours and markings, this can be tricky in the field!

Please see the events page for forthcoming group events.

Any comments, sightings, details of good sites, ideas or just to say hi don’t hesitate to contact me Andrew Brown, Dorset Dragonfly Group

Email: brown_a_r@yahoo.co.uk

or tweet us at @DorsetDragonfly or chat to us on our Facebook page

Emperor Dragonfly (photo © Jane Adams)