BDS report charts significant changes in Dragonfly distribution in Britain & Ireland

STATE OF DRAGONFLIES IN BRITAIN & IRELAND 2021 analyses over a million records submitted by thousands of experts & enthusiasts over 50 years. The report - published by the British Dragonfly Society - tells a fascinating story of shifting distributions & discusses likely environmental factors. 

The BDS tells us:

" RECORDS...CAME FROM both the British Dragonfly Society (BDS) Recording Scheme and the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR) in Ireland. These records were analysed for the report by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH).

Dr Pam Taylor, co-Editor of the report, explains: 

'Over the past 50 years nearly four times as many dragonfly species have increased their distribution, than decreased, within Britain and Ireland. In fact over half of our resident and regular migrant species have distributions that have changed significantly since 1970 and we have also gained eight new species from the Continent since 1995. The main factor behind these gains and observed trends is climate change, although habitat changes have also played their part.'

On the face of it, the results we are presenting in State of Dragonflies in Britain and Ireland 2021 might seem to be a good news story, but if we delve into the reasons behind the species trends, the reality is somewhat darker. ''

The report was published on September 7th 2021. 

Read the report here here:

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Emperor Dragonfly (photo © Jane Adams)