Dorset Dragonfly Group Online Autumn Gathering & AGM | 2021


A dynamic, well-supported Group is needed to make the new Purbeck Dragonfly Project a real success. And The Group took a big stride towards that aim on the evening of Wednesday 17 November 2021 as 29 people logged on to Zoom for the DDG Autumn gathering & AGM | 2021. It was hosted by the British Dragonfly Society.

TWENTY individuals officially joined the Group on the night. A big thank you to everyone of them!

YOU TOO CAN HELP Dragonflies in Dorset and alsoget the new project into the air by becoming a DDG Member.

The DDG is the Project's 'office'. It's where goals are set and things get done!

Expanded membership and your participation  – active or lowkey – will show that there is a community appetite for strategic recording, conservation and outreach in Dorset. 

So, we are inviting everyone - enthusiasts and professionals - to join the Group.

There are no subscription fees. Membership of the British Dragonfly Society is not required.

Why not show your support and stay in the loop!

For more information on joining, please email our new DDG Chair, Andrew Brown:

2021 AGM summary

Chair and Secretary elected | In an uncontested election for these two roles, Andrew Brown was declared the Group's Chair and Kevin Edge the Group's Secretary. These General Committee positions are held for two years. The position of Group Treasurer remains vacant. 

Constitution | The DDG needs to be a refreshed operational entity to support the new Purbeck Dragonfly Project. To this end, changes to the original DDG 2010 Constitution were proposed. These changes were formally accepted by 21 DDG members. Four members abstained. At the foot of this column you can read the new, 2021 DDG Constitution.

BDS | Full-time BDS officers Eleanor Colver and Fiona McKenna gave presentations on the importance of volunteers for the society's work and on its recently published State of Dragonflies report. David Brown, NT Landscapes Partnership Manager and Darren Cook, Citizen Science Officer spoke about plans for a new natural history forum which will support volunteer recording in Purbeck.

Planning for the Group's Purbeck Project was also discussed. 

Notification of AGM first posted Sunday 24 October 2021 by KE

Our new Chair: Andrew Brown

I was a late starter and began a bachelor’s degree in Ecology & Eco-technology at Middlesex University when I was 28.  I was lucky to go on the University’s first ever expedition to the largest reserve in the Amazon: Columbia’s Chiribiquete National Park. There I studied rainforest birds. Inspired by my undergraduate experiences I then undertook a master’s degree in Ecology at Bangor University.

I moved to Dorset in 2001. The following year I secured a job with the Urban Heaths Project and found myself confronted on a daily basis with large numbers of Dragonflies. I was hooked! I contacted the County Recorder and asked if I could do more. When the Recorder later stood down I nervously ‘applied’ to the BDS and became their successor. The rest as they say is history!

Our new Secretary:  Kevin Edge

I am a BDS outreach volunteer. I am also the deviser of the Purbeck Dragonfly Project and one of its Co-coordinators. Until recently I was a Back-from-the Brink ‘citizen scientist’ helping with heathland invertebrate surveys. From 2016-18 I organised BDS engagement events at the London Wetland Centre. In 2019 I organised a panel-led public debate on citizen science at the Bournemouth Natural Science Society.

Early in my career I was a curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I later became a Senior Lecturer and Course Director at the Cardiff School of Art & Design. I have a PhD in social philosophy from Cardiff University and an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College. My master’s dissertation addressed citizen environmentalism & water quality issues.

Group History | The Dorset Dragonfly Group was convened on 10th March 2010. The ambition was to draw people together, share information and encourage collaboration. Please click here for more on the Group's history

2021 Dorset Dragonfly Group Constitution

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