Dragonflies - Sub Order Anisoptera

Dragonflies, unlike damselflies are characterised by robust body shapes and fast flight. At rest they hold their wings open. Their fore wings are narrower than the hind wings and their eyes are very large and touch, composing most of the head.

See identification page for more information.

HAWKERS - Family Aeshnidae

These are medium to mainly large dragonflies with fast, restless hawking flight. Often territorial and aggressive. When at rest they often hang down from branches, avoiding the ground. 8 resident species in Great Briton of which 6 occur in Dorset.

GOLDEN-RINGED DRAGONFLIES - Family Cordulegastridae

There is one resident species in Dorset and Great Briton of this family the striking Golden-ringed Dragonfly, which is yellow and black. Found on Moorland and Heathland.


EMERALD DRAGONFLIES - Family Corduliidae

These are medium sized metallic green dragonflies. Three species occur in great Briton, all locally distributed. Tend to breed around wooded lakes or large ponds. One species is found in Dorset.



This large and diverse family of small to medium sized dragonflies contain 10 resident species in Great Briton, 8 of which breed in Dorset; Chasers (3 species), Skimmers (2 species) and Darters (3 species).







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